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Arleen E. Goscinski, ASA

Thanks to Our Clients

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A business is only as good as its clients. Which must make Arleen Goscinski's business pretty special, because she has some really terrific clients.

Variety of Clients.
As a New York State Certified Real Estate Appraiser, Ms. Goscinski has been privileged to work with many professionals, including accountants, financial advisers, court officers, judges, attorneys, lawyers and law firms, insurance agents, bankers, mortgage brokers, other lending institutions, real estate brokers, and even an airline. And, of course, she's also prepared appraisals for individual homeowners, landlords, and property owners.

Major Companies, Government Agencies.
Ms. Goscinksi is pleased to have prepared appraisal reports and/or expert testimony for Crawford Technical Services, American Airlines, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court, the State of NY Insurance Department, Phoenix Industries, and Northern Bay Management Group.

Financial Institutions.
Arleen has appraised residential or commercial real estate for bank loans, mortgages, second mortgages, private mortgage insurance (PMI) and others in New York City, Queens, Nassau, or Suffolk Counties. She's worked with Countrywide Home Loans, Waterfield Financial Corp., Chase Home Finance, Prism (now RBC) Mortgage Company, the National Association of REO Brokers, Business Lenders, LLC., Summit Mortgage, Wendover Financial, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Chesapeake Home Mortgage, Rittenhouse Mortgage Brokers, MortgageIT, the Bank of Blue Valley, Cornerstone Mortgage, Manhattan Mortgage, and Kadilac Mortgage Bankers, Ltd., among others.

Attorneys, Law Firms.
Real property (real estate) appraisals and expert witness testimony figure prominently in many court cases, including disputes about property, matrimonial suits, bankruptcy, condemnation proceedings, tax certiorari (property tax) cases, and various legal actions. Among her clients are Weinberg, Kaley, Gross & Pergament, Macco & Stern, LLP., Le Boeuf, Lamb, Greene, Macrae, Law Office of John C. Sieck, Harold Somer, Esq., Siben & Siben, Law Office Of Jerri Cirino, Smith & Brink, P.C., John McDermott, Esq., Lamonica, Herbst & Maniscalo, Duane Morris, LLP., McLaughlin & Stern, LLP., Kenneth Halpern, Esq., and Blodnick, Gordon, Fletcher & Sibell.

Individual Clients
Arleen is proud to have worked with the clients whose names you see here, and just as proud to have worked with many private individuals -- homeowners, landlords, and property owners who are not listed because it would violate their privacy. Thanks to all!

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Arleen E. Goscinski, ASA, New York State Certified Real Estate Appraiser
New York City, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk New York Real Estate Appraisals
149 Ketay Drive South  East Northport, NY 11731-5031
Phone: 631-368-0519  Fax: 631-486-6360
Email: agoscinski@houseappraisals.com